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The Company

Leading manufacturer of tarpaulins, industrial fabrics, and importers of PVC Sheets / Flex fabrics - Front lit & Back lit for digital printing.

Our Products

We have wide range of products such as tents, cotton canvas, storage fumigation covers, PVC tarpaulin, heavy duty tent, etc.

Our Promise

Tarpaulins India - Tarpaulin products are made out of Mill made heavy duty grey canvas cloth along with the wax and other chemicals.

No.1 Tarpaulin Manufacturer India – Leader in HDPE Tarpaulin Fabrics is providing top class tarpaulin products at a low price for more than 30 years. Our commitment to constantly improving our products and services has made us the India’s leading supplier of tarpaulins.

No.1 Tarpaulin manufacturer, exporter and supplier in India provides special proofed cotton canvas, tarpaulin – tents, cotton duck sheet – as per is: 6803, cotton canvas, storage fumigation covers, PVC laminated tarpaulin, canvas drop cloth, heavy duty tent, canvas tarpaulin, nylon tarpaulin, HDPE tarpaulin, etc.

Benefits of Tarpaulins

Tarpaulin fabrics are widely used as a rain water proof mechanism for sheds, transportation, covering trucks, scooters, bricks making, chemical / sugar / textile industry, cars, storage godowns, boats, constructoion building, plant, machinery, tents, and even cricket grounds.

Benefits of TARPAULINS INDIA Products

  • High quality
  • Attractive colors
  • Durable & Reliable performance
  • Fully washable
  • Light weight
  • High tensile strength
  • Moisture & temperature resistant
  • Cost effective
  • Dust free protection
  • Resistant against cols weather, tear & weathering
  • Flexible
  • Fire retardant
  • UV protective
  • Temperature & weather resistant
  • Oil proof
  • Stain & acid resistant

Our Products

Cotton Canvas ~ HDPE Tarpaulin ~ Nylon Tarpaulin ~ Flame Retardent Tarpaulin ~ Tarpaulin Tents ~ Vehicle Covers ~ Wide Width Films ~ Tarpaulin Tent Covers ~ Special Tarpaulins ~ LDPE Tarpaulins ~ Building Cover ~ Tarpaulin Covers ~ HDPE Tarpaulin Rolls / Laminated Rolls ~ HDPE Tents ~ HDPE Fabric Roll


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